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Donating Clothes

Several times a year, I try to gather clothes that I don’t wear anymore and donate them. Sometimes, I find this really difficult. Even if I don’t wear something, I often want to keep it because of the sentimental value or the memories attached to it. I find that I forget memories easily, but seeing something can remind me. Tonight, I packed away a few things to donate, but I don’t want to forget the memories associated with them.

I donated a set of pajamas that my mother bought me for Christmas a few years ago. It was a cozy little set with a pajama shirt and pants, which were both really soft. But, they never really fit me and they had Eeyore all over them. I hate Eeyore. Even though I love Disney, I’m not a fan of Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore is my least favorite character. The only time I remember the pajamas being used was when my cousin came to visit one day. It was raining outside and she hadn’t worn a coat. I offered the pajamas to her so she could wear something warm and dry while she was visiting.

Another piece of clothing was a simple black summer dress that had a blue stripe across the center. I remember that I bought it while shopping with my sister. It was actually one of the dresses that the mannequins were wearing. I was trying to find something and my sister recommended that I try it. I didn’t think that it would work for me, because I don’t look like a model. I was totally wrong, though, because the dress was amazing. It really would have worked for anyone. It was that type of dress. I’m sorry to say goodbye to it, but it’s a little small on me now and worn from me wearing it so often. I also think that it’s shrunk in the wash over time, because it’s shorter, too.

Two other clothing items were two other summer dresses I’ve bought and worn a lot. One was two shades of pink and black. In design, it was extremely similar to the black and blue dress. I believe I bought it while shopping with my mother exactly because it was like the black and blue dress. The other was a simple dress I often wore to the beach. It was light blue with small polka dots all over. It was a fun dress.

I think I wanted to write this down because I’m afraid that I’ll forget these memories. Each time I look at clothes, I often remember when I bought them or when I wore them. The memories might not be significant enough to remember without looking at the clothes to remind me. I didn’t think about shopping with my sister for the blue and black dress until I saw it again. But, the memory makes me smile and I don’t want to lose it.


Crocheting a Blanket

A few years ago, I can’t remember when exactly, I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. After watching some videos online and buying yarn and needles, I started making things. Scarves and more scarves. I tried making a few larger things, but always lost interest. Knitting takes a long time. Projects I started in the winter were left uncompleted when summer started. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to do indoor activities. It still rains in the summer, after all. It was that I didn’t want to be covered in a warm knitting project in the warm summer. I started making baby items instead. Small projects that were quicker to complete and so cute. I still have a pile of them and I’m waiting for someone to have a baby. Hopefully, one born in the winter so they need all the hats and booties I’ve made.

After being stubborn about it, I decided to try crocheting. My husband and others had told me that it was much faster, but I didn’t believe them. How much faster could it really be? One of the deciding factors was seeing a friend of mine quickly work her way through a blanket even with her limited free time. So, once again, I watch videos and bought some crochet hooks. I bought more yarn, too. You can never have enough of that.

Now, I’m busily crocheting away. I had to admit to my husband that it is so much faster. He laughed about how stubborn I had been. And it really is much faster. I’m only a beginner with both knitting and crocheting, but I know I’ll be able to make a blanket now. I admire people that can make clothes or lovely items, but my goals are much simpler. I’ve wanted to make a blanket for a while. It seemed that it would never happen with knitting. It would take so many cold seasons. With crocheting, I might be able to finish it by late spring. Maybe after I finish my blanket, I’ll try something adventurous. Like a shawl.

Winter Rain

Whenever it rains in the winter, I always feel a little confused. I associate winter with snow, not rain. I feel that rain belongs to the other three seasons. I could even handle hail or freezing rain for the winter, since that would make sense with cold temperatures.

I think that rain in the winter frustrates me because it means that it’s slightly warm. Not warm enough to actually do anything outside. And the slight warmth is usually short lived. It’s only warm enough for long enough to make rain.

The worst part though is the ice. After the short warmth that leads to rain, the temperatures will drop again. It is the middle of winter after all. Then, the roads and sidewalks and parking lots that are wet with the rain water freeze into what are basically ice skating rinks. Some areas are worse than others and some times are worse than others. It may rain for a day or so and then the temperature stays moderate long enough for the water to evaporate away. Other times, the temperature will quickly change and there will be rain one day and ice everywhere the next.

This isn’t an issue if it’s just cold enough to always have snow. Lovely snow that flutters about and coats the trees. Intense snow that falls for hours and covers everything with a blanket. I’d love for it to be just cold enough to have snow instead of rain. Then, it could stay in the piles people have shoveled until it gently melts away in the spring. When it’s warm enough for long enough to not have it freeze to ice.

So Many Stamps

As I’ve mentioned before, I adore sending mail. This has resulted in an almost accidental hobby of stamp collecting. It’s not that I officially collect stamps. I don’t keep track of them and put them in albums or search for specific stamps. However, I do find myself saving the last stamp of a design. I realized this because I keep all of the stamps in a small box that I store with my address book.

When I was writing a letter the other day, I went to look in the small box for a stamp. As I sorted through them, I realized that I should buy some more. Why was this? Especially since, to anyone else, the box contains plenty of stamps. I didn’t want to part with any that were the last of their type. Or that were bought for a specific purpose. For example, I wouldn’t use a Christmas stamp for a card sent now, in January. I don’t want to use a Harry Potter stamp for someone who hasn’t read the books, or even seen the movies. I have stamps that feature detailed designs about various battles, but I save them for my father who appreciates history.

So, this made me realize, again, that I basically have a small stamp collection. I have stamps I may never send in the mail, because I can’t part with them. I have numerous Christmas stamps from the past few years. You can’t buy them anymore, so I plan to save them. Maybe, I’ll use them to scrapbook since they’re essentially stickers. I’m already disappointed that I can’t replace the stamps I haven’t saved. The Harry Potter stamps were so much fun! You also can’t buy the planet stamps anymore. They were lovely! And not even issued that long ago!

Because I had trouble finding stamps to use, I just bought more today. I bought more stamps when I have a box of them already. I think that means I might be a stamp collector. On accident.

New Year’s Possibilities

New Year’s Day is an exciting holiday. For many people, this is because the night before is filled with parties, friends, and food and drink. Sometimes, this is how I spend my New Year’s Eve. For the past few years, though, I’ve spent it relaxing with my husband. Last night, we spent the hours counting down to midnight eating pizza and playing video games. After spending the past few weeks in chaos because of Christmas, New Year’s Day and the night before are often a time for us to relax and spend time with only each other.

What I find most exciting about New Year’s Day is that it brings with it so many possibilities. Over the years, I’ve made and broken so many resolutions. It doesn’t stop me from making more every year. Some resolutions change each year and some stay the same. Some I’ve achieved and some are a work in progress. I love New Year’s because it brings with it possibility. Maybe this will be the year that I accomplish a difficult resolution from the past or a creative one that I made just last night.

Besides New Year’s resolutions, I love the other possibilities that a new year provides. The year has just begun! What will happen? It could be anything! I want to travel to new places and places I enjoy visiting. I want to create things like scarves and drawings and paintings, maybe I’ll even crochet an entire blanket. I want to spend time and effort on relationships with my family and friends that matter to me. I want to read books and write poetry. There are so many things to do and, with the beginning of the new year, it all seems possible.