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Like writing letters, subscribing to magazines is an old fashioned thing that I love. Over the years, the magazines themselves have changed as my interests have changed. Some magazines I’ve canceled and resubscribed a few times. Some magazines I like mostly because they have beautiful pictures. I do keep subscribing to different magazines and I probably will continue for a while.

I like receiving ‘real’ mail. I consider ‘real’ mail to be anything that I want. Junk mail and advertisements don’t count. I already have a favorite pizza place and I’m not interested in another, thank you. I know I should look at the bills, but I pay them all online anyway. I don’t need a paper copy of something I can see when I login to my account. I know when to pay it.

My ‘real’ mail consists of things like postcards, letters, and magazines. I love looking at the pictures and checking the articles. The articles might be hit or miss, but I’m not looking for a novel. The pictures, though, are usually spectacular. Beautiful destinations and delicious food. Some of the recipes look like something I might try if I’m feeling adventurous and I have a bottle of wine to drink while I experiment. Some of the destinations are places I might never want to see in person, but I appreciate enjoying them in a photograph.

I even like the advertisements! Seriously! They do a better job of targeting their audience than anything I’ve seen online. Most of the time online, I wonder why someone somewhere decided to show me that. In the magazines, though, I often think that I might be interested. Maybe I don’t need all those drugs or whatever else is on the page, but then I just skip over it. The advertising isn’t as obnoxious as online, so I don’t mind it as much.

I’ve decided that magazines are for me. Keep sending me beautiful photographs of fabulous places and delicious food, difficult recipes and unique articles. I can always skip the page if I’m not interested, but I like being able to tear a page out and save it if I am. When I’m finished, I can share it with friends and I often do. If I don’t, I recycle it and wait for another to arrive in the mailbox.


New Book Smell

Over the past few months, I’ve been reading a lot. I even decided that one of my resolutions for this year would be to read 25 books. I figured that would be two books a month with an extra somewhere this summer. I like to read while I’m at the beach, so I’m usually able to finish a few books easily.

At some point in the past, my husband bought a Kindle for me. I protested at first, because I didn’t see how it would be any different than reading on a tablet. The bright light from a screen is too much for me and hurts my eyes. He assured me it would be different because he bought me a Kindle Paperwhite. He was right. Because of the background, it’s easy for me to spend long amounts of time reading with it. I often buy books for it and really appreciate that all those books don’t take too much space in my house.

Even with my Paperwhite, I still buy ‘real’ books. Part of it is that I can’t resist browsing at bookstores. When I walk into a bookstore, I love the smell of brand new books. The paper and ink and whatever else makes that smell is magical. I also like to buy used books, but I don’t like the smell of libraries or used bookstores. Not the way that I love new book smell, anyway. Used books smell dusty and, sometimes, a little damp. So, I continue to buy new books when I browse the bookstore. Sometimes piles of them.

And I love to take them home and flip through the pages. Just to smell that fresh paper and ink smell. Maybe, it’s because it makes me think about all the possibilities a new story could hold. Maybe, I just need to find a candle that smells like new books.

Valentine’s Day

I really enjoy Valentine’s Day. I know that it’s a pretend holiday made by the companies that want you to buy chocolates and flowers, but I don’t care. What’s wrong with chocolate and flowers? Not just today, any day! I love having a random holiday in the middle of winter to give me something to celebrate.

When I was single, I could completely understand why some people hated Valentine’s Day. I can see how people would feel lonely. It didn’t bother me, though. My single friends and I would get together for dinner and a movie or some other activity. A friend of mine and I would even buy each other small token presents, sometimes while shopping together. I still remember a big ladybug stuffed animal I received one year. It was so cute and soft!

Now, my husband and I will make plans or exchange gifts. It varies each year. I don’t need anything extravagant, but I don’t want him to completely ignore the holiday. This year, we went to a ballet on Sunday. I bought the tickets months ago. Tonight, I told him that I thought it would be great to just order takeout and watch TV together.

Whatever you decide, I say we should all enjoy the holiday. Whether you have a romantic dinner with a significant other or eat ice cream with friends, have some fun in the middle of winter.