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Watching the Cat Sleep

Watching my cat sleep is so calming. She is all white and really fluffy, so she reminds me of a small throw pillow. When she’s sleeping, she doesn’t move, except for the rise and fall of her breathing. Maybe watching her makes me more aware of my own breathing. Or, maybe it gives me something to focus on and helps me clear my mind.

Whatever the reason, I really love watching her sleep. For a moment here and there at the end of the day, I’ll stop what I’m doing and look at her. Not for too long, though, because if I watch her for too long it makes me sleepy and I usually have other things I want to do before bed.

I’m really happy that I have her.


Spring Cleaning the Garden

I am not a gardener. Every year, I try a little, but I’ve never quite managed not to have it turn into a disaster. Each year, I improve a little. Or, at least, I’d like to think so.

One year, I started growing marigolds from seeds. They were doing well, too. Then, I noticed that they started to grow a little mold or something on the soil. I looked online to see what to do about it. It was recommended to spray the plant soil with a dilute solution of vinegar. It would kill the mold. I did this and was devastated the next day when all the seedlings were dead. The solution would have worked on a fully grown plant, but the seedlings were too delicate and couldn’t handle it. My husband had arrived home to the dead seedlings before me and told me he almost went and bought replacements because he knew I’d be upset. We bought marigolds for the window boxes later that season.

I think part of the problem for me is that the plants can’t tell me what they need. My cats can’t either, but at least they meow at me until I pay attention to them. The tomatoes won’t meow at me for water. Instead, they just die. While I like to think I’ve learned more each year, that doesn’t always translate into more successful gardening or less dead plants. Sometimes, I lose track of time and the peppers are ripening in their original starter pots from the store.

This year, I’m hoping to be better. We’ll see how that works. Part of my plan is to prepare more for the season. The last frost date for my area isn’t until the beginning of May. I’m thinking that I’ll try to take April and use it to clean and weed the flower beds and add soil to the new raised beds. There are still leaves all over the yard from fall from the giant trees, so I need to deal with that, too. I think most of my plan, though, revolves around persistence. I often forget about the garden because I don’t spend a lot of time there. I’m not a fan of bugs and I’m definitely a fan of the beach. Most beautiful days, I like to be by the ocean. I’m hoping to spend a little time in the garden each day. Then, I won’t forget and I can work on it little by little. Wish me luck!

So Many Legos

My husband and I went to the toy store the other day. While we were there, I went to the Lego section. I have a few Disney sets that I really enjoyed putting together and wanted to see what the toy store had. There were a few sets I hadn’t seen before, some from Frozen and one from Moana. I was really excited and couldn’t decide what to buy. I bought more than one, because I really wanted them all. I think of them like puzzles almost. I’ll put them together and leave them on display, then take them apart and put them away. I think of them like decorations. I use the sets from Frozen as decorations in the winter and I’ll use the one from Moana as a decoration in the summer. I’m definitely a fan of Disney and the Lego sets make me smile.

I’ve never really been a huge Lego person. When I was younger, a lot of the sets focused on movies or themes that didn’t interest me. My sister did have a pirate Lego set that was amazing, though. When I realized they were making Disney Lego sets, I knew I’d want to check them out. When I first started looking, it really brought me into the world of Lego.

Now, I feel like I’m on the edge of being obsessed. There are still a lot of themes that don’t appeal to me, but that makes the ones that do even more fascinating. Of course, I love the Disney sets. I didn’t realize that the sets are not always available and I’m disappointed that there are already sets I can’t buy. This doesn’t just apply to the Disney sets. I love Christmas and never knew that they made special Christmas Lego sets. I definitely would use those as decorations and enjoy putting them together around the holiday. The Harry Potter sets also caught my eye. Sadly, most of them are impossible to find now. It makes me wish I was paying attention when they were everywhere. I’m glad that there’s more variety with them now. I’m looking forward to putting a bunch of them together.

Making Squares

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been busy crocheting piles of squares for the blanket I’m making. I’m using a simple granny square design since I just started crocheting. I also didn’t want too much variation between the squares I make first and the squares I make last. With all the practice, my tension and stitches are changing and a more complex design would mean all my squares might not match.

The entire square is made with double crochet stitches and chaining. It’s simple enough that I can now crochet while doing something else, as long it doesn’t require my full attention. I chose two colors for the squares, a dark navy blue and white. My bedroom is a New England coastal theme and I love the dark blue and white combination. I wanted the edges to be all the same color so that the stitches to combine the squares wouldn’t be noticeable. Most of the square is blue with only the last two rounds being white. They look simple and lovely.

Right now, I have about 35 squares completely done, with even the ends sewn into the stitches. I placed them all over the bed because I still don’t know how many I need for the blanket. I haven’t decided how big I want it to be. I know I don’t have enough squares right now, so I’m thinking that it doesn’t matter quite yet. I also know I don’t want to assemble the blanket in the middle of summer. Each square is about 8 inches across, but I’ve been measuring in squares instead of inches or centimeters. I could just cover the bed with about 80 squares, but 100 squares or 120 squares would be enough to use the blanket instead of a comforter. I figure that every now and then I’ll just toss all the squares on the bed and see if it seems like enough.

Until I have about 80 squares to toss on the bed, I’ll continue busily crocheting. Blue and white. Double crochet and chain.