Decorating Eggs

I really like that decorating eggs can be as simple or as complicated as you want. I remember years where I meticulously painted and decorated eggs that were beautiful decorations. I remember years where I placed eggs in a single color and considered them done. My expectations can be as high or as low as I want and each year can be different from the last.

There was at least one year where I managed to remove the egg white and yolk from the shell of several eggs. It might have taken two dozen eggs for me to have six shells to use. I carefully dyed and decorated these eggs. Some were covered in tiny rhinestones and at least one had delicate butterfly decorations carefully attached. They were lovely. I wanted to save them and add to the collection each year, but at some point they were crushed. I think if I ever decide to try again, I’ll buy wooden or plastic eggs from a craft store to use. Another time, I patiently painted a little picture on the egg. I can’t remember the exact scene, but I do remember painting a tree. It must have taken so long. My mother was hesitant to eat it after all the time I spent on it.

Some years, like this year, my mother and I decide to take it easy and toss the eggs in some dye and consider them done. By waiting, the eggs turn a dark and brilliant color. I’m always partial to blue or something similar. Now and then, I’ll use one of the plastic scenes that you put on the egg before you boil them. Most of the time though, I do it wrong and they don’t fit the eggs right. I don’t think we had any of them this year and I doubt I would have bothered with them anyway.

I do love decorating them, though. It’s fun and always entertaining. It doesn’t require much planning and it’s something I do with my mom. I do wonder what else to do with so many boiled eggs. After so many years, I need some ideas other than deviled eggs.


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