Contradictions of Spring

Spring is a strange season. It is obviously a season of change and all the changes that happen lead to some strange and fascinating combinations.

For me, this is noticeable as I look around my neighborhood. The earliest flowers seem to burst forth even in harsh weather. I know I’ve seen purple crocuses growing near clumps of snow. At least, I believe that I have. Those crocuses were long ago eaten by some naughty animal that visits my yard. My daffodils also bloom bright and yellow often before the weather is regularly warm. It’s always nice to look at them when it’s been raining for days and days. Many of my neighbors also have collections of flowers that bloom and disappear before the warm weather truly begins. I know they aren’t all being eaten by the rabbits and deer.

The trees amuse me, too. In my area, there are quite a few who never let go of all of their leaves from last year. Now, they’re still hanging on to them while growing new leaves. And those trees are next to trees covered in fresh buds. The ground is littered in places with branches ripped off during winter storms and yet those trees and others are also covered in so many lovely blossoms before their summer leaves grow.

Spring is an interesting season to take a look around. Assuming it stops raining for a minute or two. I know that I’m even looking when it rains.


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