My Bullet Journal

I discovered bullet journaling last year. I decided to give it a try because I struggle finding planner I really love. I liked the idea of basically making a title page and index, with a few other things, and then just writing what you need. Before I started, I only really looked at the basics.

I’ve been using mine for months now and I can say that I’ll probably keep using it. When the book I use runs out of pages, I’ll buy another. I do find it helpful to use and I think that’s really the point. At least for me anyway.

What overwhelms me, though, is the sheer number of options for bullet journals. Now and then, I’ll look online to see if there is something I could add to my bullet journal that might help me be more organized or more productive. Instead, I find myself lost in an endless abyss of decorative pages. I can see how these pages would be helpful. However, it seems that they would take so long to make and maintain that I would never use them. I’m not looking for my planner to be a substitute for a scrapbook. I don’t want to be afraid to use my planner because it’s too lovely and I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake. I’ve noticed that most of the pictures I’ve seen online look more like artwork than something I’d want to use.

I think the joy of bullet journaling is that you can do whatever you want. If you want it to look like a piece of art or a scrapbook, go for it! But, I don’t. I can be obsessive at times and I don’t want to spend all my time decorating my pages and then not using them. My bullet journal is supposed to help me accomplish things on my to do list. Sometimes, that’s scrapbooking and I’ll channel my obsessive attention to details there. Sometimes, though, my to do list requires that I clean the house or pay the bills or go to the gym. Decorating my pages in new and creative ways won’t make me more motivated to do any of that.


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