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Why does glitter make everything more fabulous?

I used to really dislike glitter. I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts and I think that glitter just bothered me. I didn’t like that glitter made every project look like it was made in elementary school and I didn’t like that it clumped everywhere even if you only used a bit of glue. I hated glitter. I associated it with things that looked cheap or were made by children.

Then, I realized that there was another type of glitter. Glitter that was made from tiny pieces and looked almost delicate.

This type of glitter is found on Christmas cards and crafts made by adults. It doesn’t clump on rivers of glue and the pieces are so tiny the glitter can be used in more detailed projects. I can understand why this glitter is used mostly by adults. The tiny pieces that make this glitter are almost impossible to ever remove from somewhere. This glitter will be with you forever. You can’t even vacuum it, sometimes. This is the glitter I love.

Glitter makes everything magical. It offers a suggestion of sparkle and a touch of light. I associate glitter with special moments, like the glitter on a birthday card or covering a Christmas ornament. Since this type of glitter is so similar to powder, I don’t even try to clean it. I leave it everywhere, within reason. My husband has just accepted that Christmas at our house means glitter everywhere. I buy ribbons and cards covered in glitter. I love how it catches the light, making my everyday world sparkle. Now, when I see a bit of glitter hiding somewhere in June, I think of birthday cards and Christmas.


Still Crocheting

Even though the weather is warmer now, I’m still crocheting. I’ve started a second blanket because I fell in love with a pattern I saw online. My original blanket, the blue and white blanket, is made of granny squares. My second blanket is made with the basket weave stitch so crocheting it is a little different.

Working on the new blanket means that I essentially have a full blanket on my lap as I crochet. I’ve been working on it for a few months, so it’s much bigger than a scarf now. Since it’s been really rainy and cool around here for the spring, I haven’t minded being covered in a blanket while I work. On the warm days, I use the air conditioning. It’s in just the right position that if I move a few things, I can almost aim it at me. Then, I’ll hide under the blanket because it’s a little too chilly. I find it really funny that it’s warm outside and cold enough in the house that I want to use a blanket. I would put the blanket away until autumn, but I’m afraid that I’ll forget how to do the stitch or that my tension will be too different. I’ll probably just work on it less.

I’m still making the blue and white granny squares for my original blanket. I’ve made about 95 squares and I think I’ll make 144 squares total so that the blanket is 12 squares by 12 squares. Each square is just under eight inches across and I want the blanket to cover my queen size bed. I had planned to make it smaller until I covered my bed with the squares and reconsidered. When the weather is too hot, I’ll just make squares.

Crocheting is really relaxing to me. I also enjoy doing it while watching television. If I’m passively watching television, like it’s something I’ve seen before or doesn’t really interest me, I’ll crochet. I also think it’s fascinating to take yarn and create something from it.

Climbing Roses

When my husband and I bought our house, I had a gardening vision for the yard. I knew that it would be a lot of work and that it might take years to reach this vision. With all the work, inside and outside, that needed to be done with the house, the gardening was a low priority.

Over the past year, our neighbors cut down a lot of the trees that border our property. This has been wonderful because it allowed more sunlight to reach our house and our yard, too. One area that is now bathed in more sunlight is the east side of our house. On this side of the house, there are stones making a small path that lead to the backyard. Both sides of the path have areas for gardening. When we bought the house, these areas had been ignored for quite some time. For years, my husband and I barely managed to keep all of the plants in check. We weren’t always successful. Now, I’m finally able to spend some more time on these areas.

My gardening vision has always included roses on this side of the house due to the morning sunlight.
With help, I’ve started ripping overgrown plants from the ground, along with all the debris stuck in them. I’m hoping to remove everything between the path and the house. The area isn’t large, so I think it will be a manageable project. Over the weekend, I planted two climbing rose bushes on the side of the house. They’re small enough now that I have some time to decide on a trellis to put against the house. I have one more rose bush waiting to be planted.

When it’s finished, I hope that there are three beautiful rose bushes climbing the side of the house on a trellis. I love roses that have multiple colors, so the roses I bought are all more than one color. They are already blooming now and are stunning. I hope that I’m able to take care of them and help them grow. I’m definitely not a ‘real’ gardener and I know that roses are some of the most difficult plants to grow. I’ve been reading about them for years, now, and how to care for them. I’m hoping that I don’t have to replace them next year.

Wish me luck!