Writing Topics

Sometimes, I want to write, but I don’t know what to write about. More often, though, I don’t know whether or not to write about something here, to write about it somewhere else, or to keep it for myself. There are so many ways and places to write and it’s hard to determine whether or not to share it. Some topics, like Christmas and gardening, are easy to share with other people. Other topics are more personal.

I write in so many forms. Like my collection of letters and cards, I have a collection of journals. Each journal tends to be a different topic. It’s taken me years to realize that’s my favorite way to categorize my thoughts. In additional to my journals, I write here and a few other places. Each place has its own personality and style of writing. This tends to be the place where I ramble the most. But, it’s also a place where I don’t mind others reading what I’ve written since it’s meant to be anonymous. I understand that it’s the internet, so anything that is truly and deeply personal is written on the pages of a journal that stays safe with me.

Today, I organized a list of potential writing topics. Some were amusing, some were thoughtful, and some were discarded since they didn’t appeal to me. As I write my way through the list, I’ll decide whether to post them here or somewhere else. My favorites I might keep to myself.


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