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Kitten in a Pipe

A friend of mine sent me a text message today which basically started with “we found a kitten in our pipe at work.” After replying and learning some more information, I said that I would drive to meet him at his work. I volunteer at an animal shelter and I figured that they could take the kitten.

When I arrived at his work, the kitten was larger than I thought she would be. I had been especially worried because I know that new kittens need to eat every two hours, can’t use the bathroom without help, and can’t regulate their body temperature. This kitten didn’t look in immediate danger.

I brought her to the pet shelter, where I found out that she was a girl. They placed her in a cage with everything she would need and even gave her a stuffed animal for company. I updated my friend and told him to keep his eyes open because there might be more kittens.

We named her Piper.


So Much Seaweed

Yesterday, I went to the beach. I was really looking forward to the water being warmer since it’s much later in the season. It’s always so cold in June. At least, it seems cold to me.

There was so much seaweed on the beach. I was really surprised by how much. It doesn’t really bother me, although I do like it better when there isn’t any. I went to the beach with my Aunt and she is not a fan of seaweed. While I was reading, she went for a walk and noticed there was less seaweed in the ocean a little bit from where we had our chairs. I wandered over there with her, but I’m not a fan of walking on the beach to find other places to swim. I do like to look for rocks and seashells. I also like to walk in the surf. As we were walking, we decided to move away from the water, because there was just so much seaweed.

To our surprise, we basically walked into a swamp! At least it felt that way to me. There was a lot of seaweed resting on top of the sand. When I went to walk through it, I realized too late that it was actually floating. When I landed in the water, I was almost up to my knees in seaweed and sand. I was completely thrown off by this because it wasn’t that close to the surf. I was definitely a little grossed out, but I also thought it was really funny. We ended our walk shortly after this.

I convinced her to brave the seaweed near our chairs. It was easy to see that there was a distinct point where the seaweed ended. It was all caught where the waves crashed and the waves farther out were gentle yesterday. You could clearly see the layers of the water. There was the murky layer of seaweed where the water was a muddy color. Then, there was the layer where you’d want to swim, which was a typical blue green. Farther, there was the dark blue of the deeper water. We made it past the seaweed and enjoyed floating around for a while. It was definitely warmer than it was in June. I’m hoping to make it once more before the end of the season.

Solar Eclipse

Monday was the solar eclipse. In my area, it was only a partial eclipse. I bought the sunglasses required, which was an adventure on its own.

It was spectacular to watch. I was able to see the sun from my house since my neighbors have cut down some trees over the past few years. I could actually see it from my front step. I was at home during the eclipse and would stare at the sun for a minute or so every now and then. I’m so glad that I took the time to see it and that I looked more than once.

When I first looked, it had just begun and it was like a little bite had been taken from the sun. When it was the most covered it would be here, I had no idea it would be so concealed. Through the glasses and with the moon over it, the sun looked like the moon when it’s only a slice. Then, when it was almost done, there was only a bite missing again, just on the other side.

I loved being able to see it from my house, without having to deal with traffic and crowds. I would have loved to have seen it with my husband, but he was at work. I wonder if there are cruises that sail through the area of totality. I think that a cruise would be the perfect combination of seeing it without traffic or worrying about parking.

Disney Scrapbook


Can you keep a secret?

My family and I are going to Disney next March. I am really excited about this because I love Disney and my family doesn’t vacation together regularly. I enjoy scrapbooking and my mom likes to scrapbook, but doesn’t do it that often. Sometimes, when she does, it seems like she feels the need to rush though it so that she can scrapbook every event ever.

Now for the secret.

For these reasons and a few more, I decided to make a Disney scrapbook for her for Christmas. I know that she’ll want to scrapbook this vacation, especially since we’re going together as a family. I also think she might feel she doesn’t have any time to do it. So, I’m making a scrapbook for her.

I’ve already realized what a giant project this will be. I love scrapbooking, Disney, and Christmas, so it basically combines so many of my favorite things. The possibilities are endless and I’m trying to capture as many as I can. I’m also making copies of the pages for myself and I might make a scrapbook for my sister, too. As I’m making pages, I leave spaces for photos and descriptions. I’m making some pages more detailed than others for variety. I think it will also give her more options, depending on what she wants to put there. Some pages are focused on a specific movie, while others are based on a character. I already have pages for Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse, for example. I think I could continue forever, but I’ve already decided that I might stop around the beginning of October. That will let me prepare for Halloween.

There are just so many options! And I’m terrible at keeping Christmas presents a secret!