About Moonlight & Cherry Blossoms

What inspires you? What makes you catch your breath in the middle of a thought? What daydreams interrupt you in the middle of your day? What dreams do you remember after a long night?

Moonlight and cherry blossoms are two of these for me, although there are many others. Earlier tonight, I noticed that the moon is almost full and the sight of it caused me to lose my other thoughts. It was so beautiful, so breathtaking. The light was so bright in the darkness. There is also a cherry blossom tree in my yard. For years, I simply called it the pink, fluffy tree because I had no idea what type of tree it was. Every year, I look forward to the soft, pink blossoms that it offers. They only last for a short time and, yet, I wait for them and enjoy them even more because they quickly float away.

This is a place to record my thoughts and daydreams. I wanted them to be available to others because I appreciate when others share theirs with me.

November 13, 2016