It’s Done

It’s done! I’m finally finished the blue and white blanket that I started at the beginning of last year. One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn how to crochet was because I wanted to make a blanket. I had tried knitting one, but the progress was so slow that I thought I would never finish. When I saw how quickly a friend made granny squares, I realized that I had to try it. After my husband convinced me since I was too stubborn to switch.

Now, I have a humongous blanket for my bed. It’s made from granny squares that are dark blue with a white border and I stitched them together with white yarn. The colors match the coastal theme of my bedroom and the blanket looks beautiful. It’s so big, too. I wanted it to be large and I’m amused that it drapes so nicely over the side of my bed. I love it.

But, now I’m afraid to use it and don’t want the cats to accidentally pull the stitches. I decided that I’ll keep in on the bed when I don’t let them in the room. Over time, I’m sure that I’ll be less concerned about it. For now, though, I’m so excited that it’s done that I want to admire it for a bit.


Blue and Green Baby Blanket

I love crocheting when there’s snow outside. All of the snow here has already melted after a recent storm. I’m a little disappointed, since there was so much of it and it had already been plowed and shoveled away.

Now, I’m working on a baby blanket for my husband’s coworker. She is having a little boy so I’m making a blue and green blanket. I’m using two shades of green, a bright saturated green and a pale light green. The blue is also bright and saturated. I think using too many pale colors for baby things is so overrated. I know they can look cute, but I wouldn’t want everything to be pale blue.

I’m making blue, green, and light green granny squares. I’m using simple granny squares and arranging them in a repeating pattern. Then, I’ll make a border that alternates stitches and colors. I’m hoping to have it done for the end of the month.

Crochet Away

It’s so difficult to stay focused on large crochet projects. There are just so many possibilities out there that to completely finish something large is really difficult. This is the case with me and my blue and white blanket. I still intend to completely finish it by the end of the year, but I’m starting to rush now.

I started the blue and white blanket at the beginning of the year. I always intended for it to be large enough to fit my bed and I wanted it to drape nicely on the sides. I’m close enough to it being completed that I can tell it will do what I wanted. However, I still have quite a bit to do.

There are just so many other crochet projects that distract me. I’ve actually started making baby blankets. I am planning to make a bunch and sell them for my favorite charity next year, maybe with some other arts and crafts. I love making baby blankets because I can try patterns that catch my eye without committing to an entire throw blanket or larger. I’ve actually made two simple ones already. I started making one with a more complex pattern, but that’s when I realized I should stop and finish my blue and white blanket first. I’m also half-finished a basket weave blanket that I love. I want that to be a large throw blanket, so I’ll likely work on it all winter.

That’s not even counting all the other projects that are in queue in my mind. I want to try amigurumi, which are little stuffed toys. I’m hoping that those could be fun and fast and I’ll add them to my pile to donate. I just have so many ideas because of all the fun things I’ve seen! There’s never enough time, is there?

Baby Blankets

While I’m still working on my blue and white blanket, I’ve started making baby blankets.

It started because one of my favorite charities does a Christmas Bazaar every year. I wanted to be able to make some arts and crafts and sell them at the bazaar. I figured that it would be a fun way to help them with donations while expanding my crocheting abilities. I started working on baby blankets because I figured that they wouldn’t take too long compared to some other projects. I also thought that they might be something that would appeal to the people who come to the bazaar.

Unfortunately, I am not fast enough at crocheting to be able to make enough of them to sell this year. I should have plenty of items for next year and I’ll have more of a selection, too, since I’ll make more than just baby blankets. One of the things I’m looking forward to about making everything is that it will let me try new patterns. I have seen so many lovely patterns for blankets, but making a blanket for an adult is quite a commitment. Baby blankets are so much smaller that I’ll be able to see if I really love a pattern or a design enough to make a larger one.

Right now, I have one complete blanket and I’ll have a second blanket soon. I won’t be able to finish any more before the bazaar which is why I’m waiting until next year. I’ll definitely go, though, and buy some things from other people!

Crocheting in Summer

In January, I made a list of New Year’s resolutions. I figured that if I made a bunch of resolutions, I wouldn’t be disappointed if I only completed some of them. One of those resolutions was to crochet a blanket.

I started knitting a few years ago. I really enjoyed making something from a ball of yarn, but it takes forever for me. I am not a fast knitter. My husband and my mom kept telling me to try crochet, but I was determined to knit. I finally decided to try crochet after seeing how quickly a friend of mine made blankets. She had even less free time than I did, but somehow she still managed to make a blanket.

This year, I started to crochet. It is so much faster than knitting for me. I had to admit to my husband and my mother that they were right. I really enjoy crocheting and I keep finding new patterns I want to try. I am determined to finish at least one blanket by the end of the year and I’m currently working on two blankets. The first is being made from blue and white granny squares. The second is being made with the basket weave stitch and brightly colored yarn. For the second blanket, I’m using Caron Cakes in the funfetti color. I couldn’t resist.

Both of them look wonderful so far and both of them are unfinished. So, I am crocheting in the middle of the summer. There are days when it’s ridiculously hot outside and I’m hiding in my air conditioned house under a blanket as I crochet row after row. The blue and white blanket isn’t an issue. I’m not done making the granny squares yet and they don’t really cover anything. I don’t think I’ll be ready to join them until autumn and it will likely be cool again by then. I feel ridiculous when I’m working on the funfetti blanket.

Sitting in front on the air conditioner in the middle of summer under a blanket.

Still Crocheting

Even though the weather is warmer now, I’m still crocheting. I’ve started a second blanket because I fell in love with a pattern I saw online. My original blanket, the blue and white blanket, is made of granny squares. My second blanket is made with the basket weave stitch so crocheting it is a little different.

Working on the new blanket means that I essentially have a full blanket on my lap as I crochet. I’ve been working on it for a few months, so it’s much bigger than a scarf now. Since it’s been really rainy and cool around here for the spring, I haven’t minded being covered in a blanket while I work. On the warm days, I use the air conditioning. It’s in just the right position that if I move a few things, I can almost aim it at me. Then, I’ll hide under the blanket because it’s a little too chilly. I find it really funny that it’s warm outside and cold enough in the house that I want to use a blanket. I would put the blanket away until autumn, but I’m afraid that I’ll forget how to do the stitch or that my tension will be too different. I’ll probably just work on it less.

I’m still making the blue and white granny squares for my original blanket. I’ve made about 95 squares and I think I’ll make 144 squares total so that the blanket is 12 squares by 12 squares. Each square is just under eight inches across and I want the blanket to cover my queen size bed. I had planned to make it smaller until I covered my bed with the squares and reconsidered. When the weather is too hot, I’ll just make squares.

Crocheting is really relaxing to me. I also enjoy doing it while watching television. If I’m passively watching television, like it’s something I’ve seen before or doesn’t really interest me, I’ll crochet. I also think it’s fascinating to take yarn and create something from it.