Baby Blankets

While I’m still working on my blue and white blanket, I’ve started making baby blankets.

It started because one of my favorite charities does a Christmas Bazaar every year. I wanted to be able to make some arts and crafts and sell them at the bazaar. I figured that it would be a fun way to help them with donations while expanding my crocheting abilities. I started working on baby blankets because I figured that they wouldn’t take too long compared to some other projects. I also thought that they might be something that would appeal to the people who come to the bazaar.

Unfortunately, I am not fast enough at crocheting to be able to make enough of them to sell this year. I should have plenty of items for next year and I’ll have more of a selection, too, since I’ll make more than just baby blankets. One of the things I’m looking forward to about making everything is that it will let me try new patterns. I have seen so many lovely patterns for blankets, but making a blanket for an adult is quite a commitment. Baby blankets are so much smaller that I’ll be able to see if I really love a pattern or a design enough to make a larger one.

Right now, I have one complete blanket and I’ll have a second blanket soon. I won’t be able to finish any more before the bazaar which is why I’m waiting until next year. I’ll definitely go, though, and buy some things from other people!


Cool Clean Air

I am so excited for the cool weather. It’s like I can finally breathe again. The air of summer is stifling. I love going to the beach in the summer, but the weather really only seems appropriate if you’re on the sand by the water.

The cool clean air of autumn brushes against my skin and it makes me feel alive and awake. It’s not so cold that it stings, like in the winter. It’s not so hot and sticky that breathing is difficult, like in the summer. Instead, it’s cool and refreshing. It’s crisp and clean. I inhale deeply and feel it fill my lungs.

I open windows all over the house. I want the autumn air to sweep through every room and take away the stale air that’s been sitting there all summer because of air conditioning. My husband has mixed feelings about this. That’s mostly because I don’t want to use the heat yet, so sometimes the temperature drops a little too much.

But, I just grab a favorite blanket or my crochet projects and pile them on top of me. I keep the windows open all day and only close them at night if I remember. I laugh when I see the temperature drop on the thermostat and enjoy the fresh scent when I walk in the house.

Until Next Year

I am not a fall gardener. I have heard tales of these people. Gardeners who manage to plant things at the end of the season and harvest them at essentially the last minute. I still haven’t decided whether or not these people are real.

Sadly, my gardening season ended early this year. My beautiful raised beds were met with disaster somewhat early in the season. I have a cluster of birch trees that are slowly dying. One of them fell and hit my raised beds. I was devastated. My tomato plants and strawberries were completely crushed and my pepper plants were badly damaged. My oregano, parsley, and basil were not hit directly, but never really recovered. I also lost heart in the entire endeavor after all this, so I didn’t tend to the herbs as I should have.

So, now I wait until next year and hope that it will be better.

An Autumn Breeze

It’s been really warm in my area lately, much warmer than is usual for this time of year. I appreciate hot days when I can spend them at the beach, but I’m not a fan of hot, sticky days and bugs.

Last night, I stepped out of the house after dark. I immediately stopped on my steps for a moment. It was finally here. Cool weather. It might not last and it might only be at night for now, but it was wonderful.

I love autumn. I love the cool weather and the crisp smell in the air. I finally felt some of that last night. It felt cool and clean, not like the hot air that clings to you in the summer.

I don’t know many people who love the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. I understand knowing that it leads to winter and snow and shoveling. But, I love it. I don’t think ahead and I try to enjoy every minute of it. I pick apples and bake and carve pumpkins and step on leaves that crunch under my feet. I watch the leaves change and feel the cool air on my skin. I’m hoping the hot days are finally over.

Hello Autumn

Autumn might be my favorite season. During the spring around here, it just seems to rain and rain. I love visiting the beach in the summer, but I can’t spend all my time there and I don’t love the sticky heat of summer or the bugs. That leaves autumn and winter and I adore both.

I love seeing the vibrant colors on the trees. I love the crunch fallen leaves make when you step on them. I love that the temperature feels just right.

And I love autumn activities. Carving pumpkins, wearing costumes, eating comfort food, visiting faires…so much to do this autumn!

Kitten in a Pipe

A friend of mine sent me a text message today which basically started with “we found a kitten in our pipe at work.” After replying and learning some more information, I said that I would drive to meet him at his work. I volunteer at an animal shelter and I figured that they could take the kitten.

When I arrived at his work, the kitten was larger than I thought she would be. I had been especially worried because I know that new kittens need to eat every two hours, can’t use the bathroom without help, and can’t regulate their body temperature. This kitten didn’t look in immediate danger.

I brought her to the pet shelter, where I found out that she was a girl. They placed her in a cage with everything she would need and even gave her a stuffed animal for company. I updated my friend and told him to keep his eyes open because there might be more kittens.

We named her Piper.

So Much Seaweed

Yesterday, I went to the beach. I was really looking forward to the water being warmer since it’s much later in the season. It’s always so cold in June. At least, it seems cold to me.

There was so much seaweed on the beach. I was really surprised by how much. It doesn’t really bother me, although I do like it better when there isn’t any. I went to the beach with my Aunt and she is not a fan of seaweed. While I was reading, she went for a walk and noticed there was less seaweed in the ocean a little bit from where we had our chairs. I wandered over there with her, but I’m not a fan of walking on the beach to find other places to swim. I do like to look for rocks and seashells. I also like to walk in the surf. As we were walking, we decided to move away from the water, because there was just so much seaweed.

To our surprise, we basically walked into a swamp! At least it felt that way to me. There was a lot of seaweed resting on top of the sand. When I went to walk through it, I realized too late that it was actually floating. When I landed in the water, I was almost up to my knees in seaweed and sand. I was completely thrown off by this because it wasn’t that close to the surf. I was definitely a little grossed out, but I also thought it was really funny. We ended our walk shortly after this.

I convinced her to brave the seaweed near our chairs. It was easy to see that there was a distinct point where the seaweed ended. It was all caught where the waves crashed and the waves farther out were gentle yesterday. You could clearly see the layers of the water. There was the murky layer of seaweed where the water was a muddy color. Then, there was the layer where you’d want to swim, which was a typical blue green. Farther, there was the dark blue of the deeper water. We made it past the seaweed and enjoyed floating around for a while. It was definitely warmer than it was in June. I’m hoping to make it once more before the end of the season.