Let Christmas Begin!

I think about Christmas all year long. I plan and shop and organize. I’m the person buying Christmas cards at the end of January because they’re something like 90% off and I just can’t resist. I work on my Christmas arts and crafts in June because I want to know I’ll have enough time to finish them and I like feeling Christmasy in the summer.

But, I feel that I have to hide my Christmas obsession from others most of the year because they don’t want to hear it. I manage to keep it under wraps (Yes, I love puns.) most of the time, except for my poor husband who hears about it constantly. I consider it open season usually after Halloween. This year, though, I’ve been keeping it even more tightly contained.

Now, it’s December! I can unleash the Christmas! It’s finally the time of year when it’s acceptable to let Christmas take over your life. I love Christmas! I love the decorations, the wrapping, the cards, the presents, the candles, the glitter, and everything else.

Today, I plan to paint my nails some combination of red with gold glitter. I need to enjoy the Gryffindor colors now because I’m really a Slytherin and I’ll paint them green and silver for Christmas. I haven’t decorated yet, which is late for me, so I’ll also decorate the tree and area by the fire. I’ll also light a bunch of candles, because I need my world overwhelmed with the scents of Christmas tree, snow, and cinnamon. Or whatever else they might be since I can’t remember what I have right now.

I want every day from now until Christmas to have a little holiday magic. The season is over so quickly that I want to enjoy it every day.


Crochet Away

It’s so difficult to stay focused on large crochet projects. There are just so many possibilities out there that to completely finish something large is really difficult. This is the case with me and my blue and white blanket. I still intend to completely finish it by the end of the year, but I’m starting to rush now.

I started the blue and white blanket at the beginning of the year. I always intended for it to be large enough to fit my bed and I wanted it to drape nicely on the sides. I’m close enough to it being completed that I can tell it will do what I wanted. However, I still have quite a bit to do.

There are just so many other crochet projects that distract me. I’ve actually started making baby blankets. I am planning to make a bunch and sell them for my favorite charity next year, maybe with some other arts and crafts. I love making baby blankets because I can try patterns that catch my eye without committing to an entire throw blanket or larger. I’ve actually made two simple ones already. I started making one with a more complex pattern, but that’s when I realized I should stop and finish my blue and white blanket first. I’m also half-finished a basket weave blanket that I love. I want that to be a large throw blanket, so I’ll likely work on it all winter.

That’s not even counting all the other projects that are in queue in my mind. I want to try amigurumi, which are little stuffed toys. I’m hoping that those could be fun and fast and I’ll add them to my pile to donate. I just have so many ideas because of all the fun things I’ve seen! There’s never enough time, is there?

Outside Smells

I spend so much time looking around and listening when I’m outside that I don’t really notice what it smells like. Especially in the autumn, there are so many beautiful colors and everything is changing so much. I love the sound of leaves when you step on them, that satisfying crunch sound.

The other day, I noticed that there are so many smells outside. I started really paying attention. One of the most obvious smells was smoke and fire. It was faint, but definitely there. Someone in the neighborhood was either using their fireplace or burning leaves outside. I also noticed that the air smells like dead leaves in the autumn. It’s a distinct smell that I think a lot of people would recognize if they thought about it. The smell is really different from living greenery and yet it’s not unpleasant. These two scents mixed with the cool clean air, which smelled fresh and clean. I paused and breathed them all in.

I love to notice the changes in the seasons and I think I need to pay more attention to how things smell. Smell is so closely tied to memory and it’s such a fascinating sense. I love using candles around my house to change the atmosphere from season to season. I need to enjoy the real scents my candles mimic when I notice them.

All the Stuffing

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I understand that the basis for Thanksgiving is not something to be celebrated, but I like to think about what Thanksgiving means today more than where it came from. To me, Thanksgiving is a time for family and food.

I was planning to add that it’s also a time for football, but that’s not true for me. I’m not really a football fan. I’m much more likely to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade than whatever football game is playing.

It’s really all about family and food for me. I really enjoy that everyone has Thanksgiving off from work and, in my family, we all take turns hosting. This year, I don’t have to cook so I’m looking forward to enjoying turkey and stuffing and gravy and potatoes without having to make any of it. I also like pie, of course. I’m actually a fan of pumpkin pie and blueberry pie. Apple pie isn’t really for me.

So, tomorrow, I will sit at a table with my family and a giant plate of food I didn’t have to cook. Hopefully, I’ll catch some of the parade. That sounds like a great holiday to me!

Happy Halloween!

Why don’t more people wear costumes on Halloween? I don’t mean that everyone has to go all out, but nothing? Seriously?

Today, I wore an eclectic combination of things that, together, make me think of something a sorceress would wear. I have a beautiful costume cloak that I’ve had for years. I paired it with a flowing black skirt and a silver and black flowing top. I also have some interesting jewelry that I bought at a renaissance faire. Together, it definitely looks like a costume even though I could probably wear each piece any day, except maybe the cloak.

I planned to eat breakfast at a favorite spot but they were really crowded. What surprised me the most though was that people looked at me funny. I mean, seriously, it’s Halloween! I decided to visit my regular coffee shop, where I know most of the people who work there. A few of them were dressed in costumes, thankfully. They weren’t too elaborate, of course, since they still had to be functional.

I am disappointed, though. I am hoping that more people will be in costume tonight, but I don’t have high hopes. Where is all the Halloween fun?

Baby Blankets

While I’m still working on my blue and white blanket, I’ve started making baby blankets.

It started because one of my favorite charities does a Christmas Bazaar every year. I wanted to be able to make some arts and crafts and sell them at the bazaar. I figured that it would be a fun way to help them with donations while expanding my crocheting abilities. I started working on baby blankets because I figured that they wouldn’t take too long compared to some other projects. I also thought that they might be something that would appeal to the people who come to the bazaar.

Unfortunately, I am not fast enough at crocheting to be able to make enough of them to sell this year. I should have plenty of items for next year and I’ll have more of a selection, too, since I’ll make more than just baby blankets. One of the things I’m looking forward to about making everything is that it will let me try new patterns. I have seen so many lovely patterns for blankets, but making a blanket for an adult is quite a commitment. Baby blankets are so much smaller that I’ll be able to see if I really love a pattern or a design enough to make a larger one.

Right now, I have one complete blanket and I’ll have a second blanket soon. I won’t be able to finish any more before the bazaar which is why I’m waiting until next year. I’ll definitely go, though, and buy some things from other people!

Cool Clean Air

I am so excited for the cool weather. It’s like I can finally breathe again. The air of summer is stifling. I love going to the beach in the summer, but the weather really only seems appropriate if you’re on the sand by the water.

The cool clean air of autumn brushes against my skin and it makes me feel alive and awake. It’s not so cold that it stings, like in the winter. It’s not so hot and sticky that breathing is difficult, like in the summer. Instead, it’s cool and refreshing. It’s crisp and clean. I inhale deeply and feel it fill my lungs.

I open windows all over the house. I want the autumn air to sweep through every room and take away the stale air that’s been sitting there all summer because of air conditioning. My husband has mixed feelings about this. That’s mostly because I don’t want to use the heat yet, so sometimes the temperature drops a little too much.

But, I just grab a favorite blanket or my crochet projects and pile them on top of me. I keep the windows open all day and only close them at night if I remember. I laugh when I see the temperature drop on the thermostat and enjoy the fresh scent when I walk in the house.