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I have mixed feelings about fireworks.

Fireworks are loud and annoying. They scare my cats and just about every other pet that I know. The people in the neighborhood set them off at random times so it’s intermittently noisy for hours each night and for several days surrounding any holiday. They used to be illegal in my area, but people used them anyway. Now that they are legal, it’s noisier more often. I prefer them being legal because it didn’t stop anyone anyway.

My mother loves watching fireworks when they’re done professionally. I hate the crowds that they cause. It’s so difficult to find somewhere to watch them. When you do, you have to arrive ridiculously early to save a space. Then, when they’re over, it takes forever to leave because of all the people. Even the longest fireworks displays I’ve seen are only about 45 minutes. I’ve been in Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July, too.

Despite all of the irritation, there are times when I love fireworks. I appreciate the beauty of them and that they’re so fleeting. I love that the dark sky sparkles for an instant and is then dark again. My favorite way to see fireworks is when it’s an accident. If I’m in the house, I can occasionally see the fireworks from the neighbors down the street. When I stop at the lake nearby after dark, I can watch people light fireworks from several different areas. In Disney World, I was able to see some of the fireworks display from the hotel, letting me avoid all the crowds.

So, I have mixed feelings about fireworks. I feel bad for the pets that are scared and I don’t like the crowds they cause. I do love watching them and seeing the night sparkle with a loud BANG. Because of this, my favorite way to watch them is still to peek out my window near the holidays or to watch them while I drink my coffee by the lake.