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Crocheting in Summer

In January, I made a list of New Year’s resolutions. I figured that if I made a bunch of resolutions, I wouldn’t be disappointed if I only completed some of them. One of those resolutions was to crochet a blanket.

I started knitting a few years ago. I really enjoyed making something from a ball of yarn, but it takes forever for me. I am not a fast knitter. My husband and my mom kept telling me to try crochet, but I was determined to knit. I finally decided to try crochet after seeing how quickly a friend of mine made blankets. She had even less free time than I did, but somehow she still managed to make a blanket.

This year, I started to crochet. It is so much faster than knitting for me. I had to admit to my husband and my mother that they were right. I really enjoy crocheting and I keep finding new patterns I want to try. I am determined to finish at least one blanket by the end of the year and I’m currently working on two blankets. The first is being made from blue and white granny squares. The second is being made with the basket weave stitch and brightly colored yarn. For the second blanket, I’m using Caron Cakes in the funfetti color. I couldn’t resist.

Both of them look wonderful so far and both of them are unfinished. So, I am crocheting in the middle of the summer. There are days when it’s ridiculously hot outside and I’m hiding in my air conditioned house under a blanket as I crochet row after row. The blue and white blanket isn’t an issue. I’m not done making the granny squares yet and they don’t really cover anything. I don’t think I’ll be ready to join them until autumn and it will likely be cool again by then. I feel ridiculous when I’m working on the funfetti blanket.

Sitting in front on the air conditioner in the middle of summer under a blanket.