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Everlasting Flowers

My struggles with gardening continue.

The marigolds in my window flower boxes are not doing well. This is entirely my fault because I forget to water them. I also don’t remember to snip and remove the old blossoms. Flowers are too quiet.

When my cats want something, they meow at me. Babies cry and dogs bark. Flowers are quiet. They don’t tell you that there isn’t enough rain or that there is too much sun. They may change colors or try to let you know in subtle ways. But, I completely miss those signs and then it’s too late.

When I first started planting flowers in the window boxes, my mom suggested using artificial plants. She meant the type that you can buy at the craft store. I thought her idea was ridiculous. I wanted beautiful and real flowers. Year after year, I’ve tried and tried. I can’t remember to water them often enough.

Now, I think my mom might be right. I even told her she was right. I figured that moms like to hear that type of thing. Next year, I might use artificial flowers in the window boxes. I’m already excited about the possibilities. Buying craft flowers will let me use plants that could never grow in my climate. I could also have seasonal plants. At first, I thought using craft flowers would be too expensive. My husband was actually the one who mentioned the costs associated with real flowers. When I really thought about it, I realized it wouldn’t be too different. I plan to keep and wash and reuse the craft flowers and I won’t have to replace them in July because some of them died.

I haven’t really decided yet. Some of my marigolds are dying, even the ones I’ve replaced. It’s been really hot and dry in our area for the past week or so. It’s even more frustrating since our spring was never ending rain. I might start my experiment in the autumn. I’ve always wanted a vibrant fall display, but we just don’t have that type of selection around here. Using craft flowers could be the way for me to have an explosion of color, right outside my windows.


Window Boxes

The front of my house has four windows that are easily visible from the street. Each window has a window box that sits in front of it. Every year, I plant flowers in these boxes, usually marigolds. Some years have been more successful than others, but I always try. Planting new flowers in them is one of the activities I associate with spring.

In the past, I’ve tried growing the flowers from seeds. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that I don’t always remember to take care of them since they live in the basement under growing lights. I tend to forget to water them. I’ve realized that it’s more reliable to buy them in the spring instead of trying to grow them from seeds starting in the winter.

Today, I filled the window boxes with new marigolds. My favorite marigolds have red and orange petals. Most marigolds seem to have petals that are entirely orange or yellow, but I love the chaos of the red and orange combination. It’s so striking to me. There weren’t enough of these at the store, so I also bought a few orange marigolds.

Now, they’re all settled in the window boxes. I’ll be planting tomatoes and various other vegetables and herbs soon. I’m definitely a little late this year, but I’ve been working on making formal raised beds. I love the look of raised beds and formal borders and edges for garden areas. It reminds me a little of coloring books, I like to color inside the lines.