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More Gardening Adventures

My adventures in gardening continue!

Most of my plants look wonderful. Even the weeds look healthy and green. I have a few areas where I focus my gardening energy. I know that if I attempted to deal with my entire yard, I’d be overwhelmed. I have two rectangular raised beds, one area near the house shaped like a triangle, and the other side of the house where I planted the roses.

Two of the three roses seem to be doing well. The third was planted too late, I believe, and I may need to replace it next year. I am planning to buy a trellis for them since they’re all climbing roses. I’d love to believe that they’ll look spectacular in a few years. My more realistic side tells me that I’ll likely have to replace them and fight with them for years. I read about caring for roses for years before I planted these, but I know dealing with them is completely different.

The triangle near my house is a raised bed that was built before my husband and I bought the house. It was the first area where I tried gardening. Right now, it holds mostly daffodils. It’s near the driveway and I love seeing all the daffodils early in the spring whenever I leave the house or return home. I also planted strawberries there. The triangle only receives partial shade, so I’m planning to move the strawberries this season. I think that I’ll plant mint in the triangle. I love that the mint is almost always lush and green and it’s apparently hard to kill. I haven’t touched my pepperspear at all and it’s one of the healthiest looking plants in my entire yard.

The raised beds look wonderful. The weeds in them look wonderful, too, despite my attempts to keep them under control. It makes me laugh when I see them, because the soil we bought for the raised beds is helping my tomatoes and the weeds grow. All of my herbs are doing well. My parsley is basically the size of a small bush. I haven’t even started eating them all, yet. I just love sticking my face in all the plants because it smells like an Italian food restaurant.

I forgot to use cages for the tomatoes again. This happened a few years ago. I don’t always put the cages on them right away, because the plants are so small. I always plan to do it another day. Then, POOF, the tomato plants are huge. I’m afraid of snapping the stems, so I let them do what they want. I call them tomato weeds. The year I had the most and best tomatoes was the first year of the tomato weeds. I’m hopeful for this year’s tomato weeds, too.