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Early Spring Cleaning

I hate cleaning, but I love having things clean. I think one of my main problems accomplishing this is that I have a lot of hobbies and hobbies have stuff.

I like to crochet, so I have lots of yarn. Almost all of my yarn is dedicated to certain projects, but I buy it much faster than I can actually crochet. I also like to paint. This manifests itself as a collection of paints, brushes, canvases, and more in my basement. I enjoy coloring and drawing and, thankfully, the coloring books, notebooks, and colored pencils don’t take up as much space as everything else. The least organized of all is probably the scrapbooking supplies. I have so many things for that.

I find it hard to organize everything because there is just so much of it. I should probably donate or throw away a lot of it, but I can’t make myself do it. I see so much potential in all of it and I do use a lot of it quite often. So, I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do.

All of this makes spring cleaning more difficult than it normally would be.


Disney Scrapbook


Can you keep a secret?

My family and I are going to Disney next March. I am really excited about this because I love Disney and my family doesn’t vacation together regularly. I enjoy scrapbooking and my mom likes to scrapbook, but doesn’t do it that often. Sometimes, when she does, it seems like she feels the need to rush though it so that she can scrapbook every event ever.

Now for the secret.

For these reasons and a few more, I decided to make a Disney scrapbook for her for Christmas. I know that she’ll want to scrapbook this vacation, especially since we’re going together as a family. I also think she might feel she doesn’t have any time to do it. So, I’m making a scrapbook for her.

I’ve already realized what a giant project this will be. I love scrapbooking, Disney, and Christmas, so it basically combines so many of my favorite things. The possibilities are endless and I’m trying to capture as many as I can. I’m also making copies of the pages for myself and I might make a scrapbook for my sister, too. As I’m making pages, I leave spaces for photos and descriptions. I’m making some pages more detailed than others for variety. I think it will also give her more options, depending on what she wants to put there. Some pages are focused on a specific movie, while others are based on a character. I already have pages for Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse, for example. I think I could continue forever, but I’ve already decided that I might stop around the beginning of October. That will let me prepare for Halloween.

There are just so many options! And I’m terrible at keeping Christmas presents a secret!